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A charming 78-card deck from the talented Japanese design team of Stella Kaoruko and Takao Hoei. Stella’s Tarot offers whimsical yet insightful interpretations of traditional tarot. All the Major and the Minor Arcana cards are fully realized with vibrantly colored pictorial scenes full of clever tarot symbolism.
Stella’s Tarot was created for the award-winning Korean television drama Mawang (the Devil). In the popular show, mystified detectives try to connect a string of murders where the only clues are the tarot cards left behind at the crime scenes.
Stella Kaoruko is considered an authority on tarot and astrology in Japan and Korea and beyond. She is the author of Stella Kaoruko Simple Tarot and many magazine articles about telepathy and astrology. She also develops fortune-telling arcade game software and apps for reading tarot cards.
Takao Hoei worked with Stella Kaoruko to create the beautiful artwork of Stella’s tarot. There have been numerous exhibitions of her artwork in Japan and in Europe.


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