Connected & Free Oracle Edition Two


Phiên bản thứ 2 của Connected & Free – The Alchemist Oracle với 10 lá bài được vẽ lại cùng 5 lá bài mới. Được thiết kế giúp người dùng  kết nối với trí tuệ, sự dìu dắt tâm hồn cũng như khả năng trực giác tự nhiên bên trong mỗi chúng ta. Bao gồm 55 lá bài cùng sách hướng dẫn dày 148 trang đi kèm.

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55 cards plus 148 pg Guidebook.
Edition 2 has had 10 ORIGINAL complete card re-draws and 5 NEW cards.

Connected & Free is a vibrant, light, earthy oracle deck full of magic and intuitive guidance.

It’s a deck designed to be used to support you in connecting with your own inner wisdom, soul guidance and natural intuitive abilities to navigate the landscape of life! From opportunities to challenges you can rely on this little baby to help you understand, clarify or see whatever is presenting in an insightful and helpful way.

Connected & Free comprises of 50 oracle cards held safely together in a cute rustic mandala drenched brown box with the 133pg Guidebook that offers not only each cards meaning but also crystal suggestions for an added energetic boost. Within the 50 cards are also 8 chakra cards to potentially highlight any energetic blocks or expansions are occurring.

This is deck is perfect for those new to Oracle as well as for the witches and wizards who are skilled at reading energy and cards.

It is also a set of cards that are widely used as therapeutic cards within counselling and psychology practises and yoga studios.

Most of all, it’s an oracle deck that has been made with an immense amount to love and heart.



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