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Có lẽ bất cứ ai đã, đang và sẽ có một chú mèo bên cạnh đều cảm nhận được sự hoang dã và huyền bí của chúng. Mystical Cats Tarot là một bộ bài với trọng tâm là những chú mèo thuộc nhiều giống loài khác nhau nhưng đều toát lên được các tính cách rất đặc trưng của loài vật này. Sản phẩm bao gồm 78 lá bài cùng sách hướng dẫn lớn dày 216 trang đi kèm.

Mickie Mueller là đồng tác giả của Magical Dogs Tarot, bộ bài dành riêng cho những ai yêu thích loài chó.

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Anyone who has ever owned—or been owned by—a cat knows its wild and mystical nature. Open the door to a magical world of feline enchantment that offers eternal and ancient wisdom with the Mystical Cats Tarot.

Discover amazing artwork of various domestic breeds that look and behave like normal cats, but face many challenges, relationships, and life lessons that reveal the answers to our most important questions. Organized by elemental suits—Earth, Sea, Fire, and Sky—and cat-based court cards, this deck presents the descendants of the Cat Goddess in all their furry glory.

Lunaea Weatherstone (Portland, Oregon) is a priestess, writer, teacher, and tarot counselor who has been serving the Pagan community for more than twenty-five years, since her days as owner/editor of SageWoman magazine. As Grove Mother for the Sisterhood of the Silver Branch, she offers year-long programs in goddess spirituality. Lunaea has been working with the tarot for more than forty years.

Mickie Mueller is an award-winning and critically acclaimed artist of fantasy, fairy, and myth. She is an ordained Pagan minister and has studied Natural Magic, Fairy Magic and Celtic tradition. She is also a Reiki healing master/teacher in the Usui Shiki Royoho Tradition. Mickie enjoys creating magical art full of fairies, goddesses, and beings of folklore. She works primarily in a mix of colored pencil and watercolor infused with magical herbs corresponding to her subject matter.

Mickie is the illustrator of The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path decks, the writer/illustrator of The Voice of the Trees and A Celtic Divination Oracle, and the illustrator of The Mystical Cats Tarot. Since 2007, Mickie has been a regular article and illustration contributor to several of the Llewellyn periodicals. She resides in Missouri.

To learn more about Mickie, check out her online gallery and blog.


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