Mythical Creatures Tarot – Monochrome Edition


Một kiệt tác Tarot được thực hiện từ 2005, chỉ bán với số lượng vô cùng có hạn (500 bản) và sẽ không được in lại. Đây là phiên bản đơn sắc (Monochrome), kích thước khoảng 9 x 14cm với chất lượng giấy tốt được in tại Prague. Bao gồm 78 lá cùng sách hướng dẫn nhỏ đựng trong hộp gỗ và tặng kèm túi vải linen đựng bài được làm tại Cộng Hòa Séc. Một siêu phẩm được bán sạch chỉ trong khoảng vài ngày ra mắt năm 2016.

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The images are painstakingly drawn in pen and ink by the brilliantly talented Russian artist, Lena Kozachuk, with a great deal of input and image editing by Alex Ukolov. It’s been a real partnership, with both enhancing the skills of the other. Karen Mahony designed the concept and structure of the deck.

It is based on a variety of magical and fascinating creatures from world mythology, ranging from the familiar, such as the unicorn and the giant, to the less known, like the Irish Amandán and the strange, conjoined alchemical rebus.

We won’t be repeating this version, which is one of our guaranteed limited editions.

Please note that as the deck is in progress the pictures here are mock-ups, though they do give the most accurate impression of the deck that we can manage at this point. We will add more images as soon as possible.

  • 475 copies only will be for sale (we will run 500 copies but probably keep 25 for ourselves). This is a signed and numbered Limited Edition. There will be a coloured version of this deck (we think in late 2017 or 2018) but it will be printed and produced in a more modern style and probably in a slightly larger quantity.
  • Large size – this is a slightly different format from any cards we’ve made before at approx. 5.4 by 3.4 inches (13.7 by 8. 6 cm).
  • Majors and courts each have an illustration of a mythical creature. Minors (“pips”) have highly decorative illustrations and show the suit symbols.
  • Printed by the small artisan printers in Prague who did the original Tarot of Prague for us back in 2003. They take great pride in their work and are known for doing small projects that need a lot of hand work.
  • Printed on heavy 350 gram art card (this is not carbon-core playing card stock, it’s a more old-fashioned art card).
  • With a bronze ink overprint on the back (an old-fashioned ink that’s more fitting for this deck than the cold-stamping that we have used recently on decks).
  • Varnished with matte varnish so that the varnish is not obvious.
  • Corners cut by a hand-process that results in slight unevenness – it’s how antique cards were cut.
  • A detailed booklet is included. This will have less information than the companion book that we plan, but is comprehensive enough to allow you to knowledgeably use the deck.
  • Supplied in a sturdy wooden box specially designed for the deck and made in Czech Republic.
  • Supplied with a beautiful hand-made pouch in gilded linen (a gorgeous fabric made in Czech Republic).


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