The Dragon Oracle


Cùng khám phá các nghi lễ truyền thống, nguyên lý Âm – Dương, ngũ hành, v.v… trong văn hóa Trung Hoa cổ đại cùng The Dragon Oracle. Bao gồm 1 la bàn phong thủy, 3 đồng xu I-Ching, 36 lá bài chiêm tinh và sách hướng dẫn in màu dày 64 trang.

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Those who open The Dragon Oracle boxed set learn to use the wisdom of China’s ancient sages to understand and fulfill dreams and desires. They also learn how their own physical features can reveal health problems and personality traits. The attractive box, decorated with Chinese motifs, swings open on a pair of golden ribbons to display items that offer enlightening and entertaining insight into the world’s oldest spiritual tradition.

A set of three I-Ching coins for telling fortunesA Feng Shui compass for arranging one’s home for spiritual harmony. A set of 36 Chinese astrology cards. A 64-page color illustrated book instructing on the use of all the items in the set. The book also explores China’s ancient spiritual traditions and rituals, reveals the principles of Yin and Yang, presents the perpetual calendar, and explains the meanings of the magic square and the essential five elements—fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. the instructions include illustrations and diagrams on how to read I-Ching coins, use the Feng Shui compass, and how to read the astrological cards to reveal one’s destiny.


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