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This Might Hurt Tarot là một bộ bài tương đối cơ bản, được sáng tác dựa theo phong cách truyền thống Rider Waite Smith nhưng mang trong mình hơi thở hiện đại với hình ảnh vui nhộn và gần gũi. Bao gồm 78 lá (kích thước 7 x 12 cm) cùng sách hướng dẫn nhỏ đi kèm bên trong, bản in thứ 3 này có sự cải tiến hơn về màu sắc và độ chi tiết, đem đến một sản phẩm dễ tiếp cận cho đa số người dùng, đặc biệt là những bạn mới làm quen Tarot.

Sử dụng giấy chất lượng cao dày 350 gsm, đựng trong hộp bìa mạ vàng cứng cáp, This Might Hurt Tarot Pearl Edge có cạnh bài được mạ Holographic màu sáng, tạo cảm giác sang trọng cho người sử dụng. Để mua phiên bản mạ cạnh Holographic màu tối hơn, bạn tham khảo This Might Hurt Tarot Dark Edge hoặc mua Combo This Might Hurt Tarot để tiết kiệm hơn nữa nhé.

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This Might Hurt Tarot is a modern deck in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, backed by 743 backers on Kickstarter.

This product includes the deck, box, and guidebook for the second print run of This Might Hurt Tarot.

Keeping time-honored symbolism and imagery, but losing the medieval context, this the This Might Hurt Tarot Deck is designed to be both easy to read and highly relatable. Clothing and scenery are modernized, diversity is embraced, and queerness is lovingly acknowledged.

The cards themselves measure 4.75″x 2.75″ and are printed on high-quality 350 gsm matte art paper. Each card has a shiny gilded edge to add just a bit of magic, available in holographic pearl or holographic black. The deck comes in a solid cardboard box with gold foil and magnetic closure, complete with a guidebook with an introduction, card descriptions, and a full-page black and white image of each card. serves as a digital guidebook, with card descriptions for every card.

This deck, like most tarot decks, consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. All of the court cards, and a few other select Minor Arcana cards, are portraits of real people in my life. It has been an absolute joy to create this deck in the image of our world, and I hope it is a joy for you to read with it as well.

Are you wondering about the differences between the print runs of This Might Hurt Tarot? Print runs 1-3 are all considered part of the “first edition.” In the second print run the box is smaller, holographic pearl edges are available, and there is a bar code on the box. See photos and more information here! The third print run will be identical to the second print run except for that the This Might Hurt Studios logo will appear on the inside of the box and the ox will have a velvety soft paper texture. Also, due to the imperfect nature of offset printing, the saturation and color levels of the cards will vary between print runs.


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