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December 19, 2015

Bộ này nhìn đẹp ak.:D

July 31, 2016

shop mình còn bộ này ko ạ vs lại có kèm theo sách hướng dẫn ko

August 1, 2016

Còn bạn nhé. Có sách hướng dẫn đi kèm bên trong.



This is one of my very special items. After many requests from our fans I decided it was a timefor a FULL TAROT DECK, with new, beautiful, colorful illustrations. I thought we should look at the things through the cats eyes, and to laugh at everyday life. This is a very special tarot cards – actually CAT-rot Cards – or Tarot cards for incredibly happy people. Cards deck comes in a beautiful orange (of course!) organza bag.

Smile with daily card is guaranteed! Amount of this decks is limited so hurry up! PookieCat had lots of fun creating this deck

Made from 280 gm card stock paper.
Designed images on both front and back of cards.
Measures 2.5″(w) x 3.5″(h).


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