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September 17, 2018

Shop có restock lại bộ ni ko ạ?

September 21, 2018

Bộ này tác giả mới mất nên công ty đang bị đóng băng tài sản chờ giải quyết. Mình sẽ thông báo lại khi có thông tin thêm nhé.



The Tyldwick Tarot has been printed in a limited edition of 2000 decks only.
All copies of the deck come accompanied with a downloadable certificate which states the deck number and the owner’s name.
Card dimensions are 70mm x 120mm.
Cards are printed on premium 350gsm board and are finished with UV varnish.
All cards are gilt edged with genuine French gold leaf.
The deck was printed and gilded by Cartamundi, who have over two hundred years expertise in printing cards and games.
Cards come supplied in a specially designed tuckbox.
Please note that the deck does not include a LWB (Little White Book or instruction booklet).


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